The MCA Way

We coach individuals who want to play ball. One part of our winning formula is ensuring that each person has the right coach at the right time. This allows them to move up the ladder of success, whatever road they take.

For example, the 9U to 11U age levels are considered “Club Baseball 101” years where coaches work on the basic fundamentals of the game – such as base stealing, holding runners, cutoffs, and pick-off plays.

Typically, these players make as many mistakes as they do plays. Besides just learning the fundamental skills required to catch, throw, hit and play the game, for many of them this is their first experience with playing for coaches that demand more discipline and a higher level of play from them.

Players at this age lack confidence, so it is important to have coaches that can balance discipline and instill confidence in young players at the same time. It takes more patience to work with players at 10 years old than it does with players at 18.


Developing The Whole Person

Our highest priority is to at all times create an environment of care, transparency and concentrated discomfort, to make sure a player has the opportunity to maximize their potential on the field and off. We strive to develop genuine relationships, so we become an ongoing resource as our players move through their time with us, and learn how to navigate and succeed in all aspects of their life.


The Importance of Team Play

When the focus moves from the goal of the individual to the goal of the group young people learn the power of teamwork, leadership, follower-ship, fellowship, and what it takes to work together to achieve a common vision.

Participating in team sports provides boys and girls with the opportunity to learn confidence, patience, perseverance, skills development, and how to have a positive approach to setbacks, while putting winning in perspective.

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